H-1B counselor processing to adustment of status

Hi there, I am an Indian citizen and currently in the USA on an H-4 visa and working with my H-4 Employment Authorization Card. My Visa and EAD are expiring on October 1st, 2020. My spouse’s employer filed my H-4 renewal and EAD renewal along with his H-1B under premium processing. My spouse’s H-1B got approved but my cases are still pending with USCIS and these delays could cause disruption to my employment.

On the other hand, I have an approved H-1B cap petition though my employer under counselor processing. It requires me to travel abroad and get visa stamping. As I cannot travel to get my H-1B stamping (most of the embassies in India are closed due to COVID-19), I am looking for suggestions to see if there is a way to convert my H-1B counselor processing to adjustment of status so I can continue working post-October 1, 2020 without any disruptions.