H-1B Approval now states the class as 1B1?


I got the H-1B approval and the class it states is as 1B1…is this something new that USCIS is doing or its a error? please confirm…as i asked my employer and they said now all the approvals will be stating as 1B1…so H-1B is gone as the classification?

What are the dates on the approval notice? What additional details does your employer or their legal counsel have on the 1B1 classification?

The dates given are 02/21/2017 to 06/08/2018

My employer says did not give much information and just said the approval notices are now coming as 1B1 and it is not H-1B1 it’s just states 1B1.

Anyone else who got the approval recently can put some light on this?

I emailed them again and they replied:

Since now on, USCIS lists 1B1 as the class on all H-1B approval notices.

Sorry guys,

My employer contacted USCIS and asked if they made a mistake.

It was a mistake from the USCIS…now it’s sorted…!

It is still H-1B :slight_smile: and not 1b1…

I will receive a new approval with correct class soon.

Hi, I just got H1 transfer and see the same… just asked my employer now… who confirmed that it’s an USCIS mistake and not the new thing now onwards ?
Wondering if I should wait until I join new employer ? Appreciate your advisez

hello! I am in the same boat as you. Did you receive your new approval?
Is USCIS changing the case status again with the new date when they mail the new copies?