H-1B and H4 visa joint appointment

Hi all,

I am currently on a H1-B visa and will be completing my first 3 years in September 2023. My employer will file for an extension early next year. I will be getting married late 2023 and will need to visit India. My would-be wife does not have a visa and I plan on bringing her to the US on H4.
So, both my wife and I will require stamping before returning to the US

My questions are:

  1. Since my very first H1B appointment was an interview, do all subsequent appointments need to be dropbox?

  2. Can I get an in-person interview along with my wife instead of a dropbox?


Depends on your eligibility at the time you will apply.

Yes, if you deliberately provide incorrect answer to one of the IW questionnaire. This is not my recommendation.