H-1B 2018: Are we still expecting receipt notices?

Hi everyone,

Today is May 1st. I understand that a lot of people have been hearing back in the last two weeks (whether it was by getting receipts notices or getting checks cashed). At this point, do you think USCIS is still cashing check and sending out receipts notices? Thank you.



I just want to share that my check was cashed in April 25th is Vermont and I just received the notice letter- I-797C form today- May1st. I think they will still be sending receipts and notices for those picked and not picked in the Lottery especially this month.

So they started sending receipts only from May 1st??

I guess wait time is 1 week. I m also waiting for receipt. Congratulations .

I am bit confused that i have received receipt number(WAC171xxxxxxx) is that mean my case has been selected in lottery ???