H-1 B Amendment RFE - Work same location?

Hi All,

Firstly let me drop my question here:

Can I still work In the same location even though my H-1 is denied?

Can I go to home country after denial of my amendment for visa stamp?

Can I withdraw my filled amendment which has RFE?

above are my questions related to my case and I have an approved petition with Client A until October 2021, as budget cut of issues i have to change my project to client B in the same Location less than 50 mile radius, thinking of going to home country just to be in safer hands I have applied amendment saying i have moved to client B in the dame location, and now i got an RFE asking SOW, Vendor management relation to client and specialty occupation, I cant get sow and some other documents from my client/vendor so I am thinking to withdraw my amendment, as USCIS doesn’t requires if the consultant is working in the same MSA. Based on this can some one answer my questions.

If your H1B is denied, how can you work ?
Yes, you can. But, you need valid H1b for stamping right ?
Yes, you may. Speak to an attorney.

Ah, now that you add more context, well, changing to client is different because it would require an amendment. Only your attorney can confirm. Also, you need a new LCA, where you indicate the client name on it…so, need to discuss with your attorney.