Guide on Visa appointment new portal

My purpose of putting this topic is for folks how are looking to book Visa Appointment in new upgraded system post July 29th 2023. I have gathered information from various source and tried to consolidate here in topic.

How to Login for the first time
||1|Open the new url.
||⁃|You might see waiting room screen. |
||⁃|Just wait there don’t close browser.|
||⁃|After few minute you will automatically redirected to login page.|
||2|Click on signup and create account using ur current email address|
||3|Username can be anything but not your email address and also should not have any special characters, email address field should be filled with ur current email address that is the email address used in your the old portal to book appointment|
||4|Complete the OTP verification process|
||5|Enter security questions/answers.|
||6|Once sign-up is successful, login using your username (not with email) and password and enter captcha|
||7|In the next screen, answer ur secret questions|
||8|Once login successful, left side click on Information Correctness|
||9|Verify all personal info and save it.|
||10|Now you will be able to see more options on the left menu|

Waiting Screen you might see:

Some Tips:

  1. If you are getting error again and again then clear your browser cache.
  2. Site works best in Windows Edge browser.

I would appreciate if folks can add there experiences and additional information to share on this topic.


Thanks for sharing with forum community.

Hi Team,

Today we are unable to login into the new portal.
It is throwing the 500 error.

Does any one is getting the same error?


Recommended browser for new portal is IE Edge Latest version. If you are still getting this error, try clearing browser cache.