Greencard Process and Parttime work


I have 2 different questions

  1. I am on H1 and would like to transfer my H1 to an Indian Company(ex: CTS). So, they are about to initiate the process of my H1 transfer.

Now my current employer is ready to file my Green Card inspite of me leaving that company. So, Is it fine if I start the Green card process or will it be a problem.

  1. I got an opportunity to assist Students (10-15 hours/week) in one of the worlds top most University and they are ready to pay me. As per my knowledge, I am not allowed to accept 2 paychecks from 2 different employers as I am on H1. I have informed them that I am willing to work as a Volunteer also, So they have some restrictions that volunteer can only work for limited hours. Is there a way to get paid in any other way? Please suggest me as I do not want to leave this opportunity.

Highly appreciate your response.



  1. Yes employer A can continue your GC process even if you join employer B. GC is for a future role.

  2. Volunteering for free would be the best way to go here. Otherwise there is a process of filing H1b part time which mentions the number of hours you are going to put in this university job. If you are planning on getting 2 concurent H1b(1 full time from employer B and 1 from the university) then it is always good to consult an attorney.

Thanks a ton for your prompt response :slight_smile: