Green card through sibling category

Hi Saurabh

Am planning to apply for my GC through my sister who is a US citizen. Can you please let me know how long will it take for EAD once GC filing is done. How soon will I be able to start to work?


What is your country of birth?

India is my country of birth

Sibling based green card for Indians is pretty backed-up. You can look-up Family Fourth Preference F-4 for India. I think its Jan 2001 last I checked.

Thanks Saurabh and I went through that. It gives the timeline as 13 to 15 years for the GC. But do u have any idea on the EAD. How long will it take for me to obtain EAD once my i130 is approved.


My understanding is that EAD would be issued after 485 has been filed, which cannot be done until dates become current. So 13 to 15 years.