Green card process without dependent - suggestion


I am working for company A on L1B visa since Sep 2011. My L1B visa is getting expired on Aug 2014.  Since I have valid I 94 till end of 2015, my company not filing for my extension now.  My family went back to india this year and planning to return after Dec 2014.

My company A informed, they will initiate Green card process only after Dec 2014.   Meantime, I have applied for H1B from company B.

Please suggest on below questions.

1. Considering  my company A filing  for my Green card on Dec 2014, does it have any impact Green card process while my family away(staying in India)?  

2. Can they go for L2 visa extension based on my I94 after Dec 2014, while GC in progress?  

3.  will it have any impact on the GC process if my family is out of US ?

In case, my company A not willing to process my PC, i am planning to move on to H1B (if it get approved this year) from company B.

1.  will it have any issue for my dependent visa stamping (H4 visa )  in India ?

Your suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  1. Dependents only come into play at the time of I-485 filing. Until then it is all about you.

  2. Yes, they can appear for L-2 visa stamping once your L-1 has been extended.

  3. No

  4. Usually no. They can still appear for H-4 visa stamping once you have an approved H-1 here.

Hi Saurabh, Thanks for your detailed info.