Green card or B2 Visa for 80 year old mother

My father passed away recently and I would like to bring my grieving mother from Chennai to the USA for a little bit. Her visa has expired in 2018 and she has had to renew her passport since then. I am a US citizen. Will it be faster to get her a green card rather than wait for the B2 visa processing to open up. What are my options? So far I have filed the DS-160, have a confirmation number and not sure on what to do next.

Filing I-130 with consular processing normally takes around 8 to 15 months. Pandemic has created huge backlog for family based immigration as consulate normally do in person interview and so it may take even more time in your case.
For a short term, I think B2 is a faster way to get her to the US and you can apply for B2 extension later on if you want to extend her stay.

Thanks so much for your reply. We will try our best to get her a B2.