Green card initiation when h1b transfer in process

I have recently changed the company ,h1b is still in process(normal processing).My employer is ready to apply for green card.Should I delay green card initiation process ,can green card effect the h1b approval?

Yeah… Initial steps like prevailing wage determination (will take few weeks…some times), advertisement would take atleast 2-3 months. so you can ask your employer to start now for filing labor.

You can start your Green card application process as early as possible. Because, it takes 5-6 month process, you get a Green Card.

So from what you are saying there is no problem to have the h1 b transfer going on in parallel to applying for a green card by the new employer or does the employer have to wait until the transfer is complete to initiate green card ?
Note: h1 b transfer takes 6-8 months with premium processing removed