Green Card estimate processing time.


I am on H1b and my Priority Date is 09/2012 , I am really in panic situation because I know once you filled for GC process , you must have a job, my employer is stating if I am on bench for 1 month my h1b will be revoked. Does anyone know any estimate in general, how long EB2 processing time take to get an EAD card? I see that the Current dates listed for GC are 2008, but I am sure we get EAD before GC. Do you know how long that would take, so atleast I can apply a Full time postion somewhere.


to apply for EAD you need 485 applied…which can be done only if priority date is current . right now priority date is 2008. seeing this it takes around 5-6 years to get EAD.

I am not very familiar with the process but I heard that the “EAD” comes first and then the GC. I can only apply for “EAD” once the dates are current, but I don’t understand when most of the people stating that they got their “EAD” in 2 years and then it took 3 years to get Green card. How does that work?