GRE: Given Name mismatch in Passport and registered given name

I have registered for GRE Exam on 12th Sept 2013

My concern is:

The Given name on my Passport appears as ‘XXXXKUMAR’ and Surname/LastName : ‘YYYY’

I have registered the test as FirstName/given name : ‘XXXX’ and Surname/LastName : ‘YYYY’, since all my schooling and undergraduate certificates are issued on name ‘XXXX’.

Also, all the identification documents (National Identity Card, National Driver’s License, PAN Card) except passport bears Given Name as ‘XXXX’.


Is it acceptable as an identity document? Will it be any problem while getting an i20 letters?


Please guide me through this issue.

Was that a typo or you missed ‘KUMAR’ because it was too long ? Also, is there any space…

In general, your Surname/ Lastname is most important. In my view, you should be fine. You can get a name reference sheet notarized from a goverment official, if you have any doubts.

Also, the best thing to do is call GRE customer service center and get this clarified, if it would be an issue.

  1. There is no space in between “XXXXKUMAR”.
  2. My lastname/surname is properly printed.

Actually, my birth certificate bears the name as “XXXXKUMAR”, that’s why the passport people printed my given name as “XXXXKUMAR”.
But, in all my schooling and graduate schools certificates i have used my name as “XXXX”.

Even i have registered my GRE exa for 28th december.
My name appears **** ### !!! in passport but i have submitted my first name as **** instead of **** ### and i have submitted my last name without any errors.
I am feeling tensed whether it would create any problem while writing the exam or further process