Graduating summer, selected for H1B, Change Employer?


  1. I am graduating this summer.
  2. Company A offered me a job (starting date being in this fall) and sponsored my H1B lottery in March.
  3. I was notified today that I had got selected for H1B.
  4. Company A will summit my H1B petition later this month (April).
  5. Company B just offered me a job (starting date being in this fall), and I am considering joining Company B rather than Company A this fall.


  1. Does it make any difference, regarding my H1B petition and future application, if I inform Company A that I would not join them this fall, BEFORE and AFTER they submit my H1B petition later this month?
  2. If I accept the offer from Company B, when could my H1B sponsorship be changed from Company to Company A?

Ultimately, I wonder what the best point of time would be for me to notify Company A (the employer currently sponsoring my H1B) that I would not be able to join them after my graduation.

Thank you!

No, it will not change from A to B as registration is not transferrable.
Now, you may join B, but you lose the lottery option and you need to go through lottery again next year…
It is up to your discretion, I have see people try 5 times or 6 times and not picked in lottery…
If you do not plan to join A, tell them before they shell out money as a good will…

If I were you, I would join A as getting picked in H1B Lottery is more difficult than getting another job, be it google or microsoft… as luck does not favor you all the time…

Thank you. Would it make any difference, if I accept B’s offer now, get H1B approval (sponsored by A) this fall, and thereafter inform A that I would not be able to join them? Assume that the start dates of both A and B will be later than the H1B approval date.

Future cap exempt is grey area, if you have not got worked on H1B status or got visa stamping…
If you even work for A for a week or so and get pay stub, you can use that for future cap exempt up to 6 years…