Graduated in 2011, Visa valid till 2013, Can I re-enter with valid I-20 ?

Hi Sir,

 My situation is different here. I graduated in Dec 2011, got my OPT from Feb 2012 and completed it on Feb 2013 ( 12 month since I had a MBA background). I returned back to India right the next day since I wanted to be home for good.


My F1 Visa from my Univ shows that it is valid till July 2013, I spoke to that University from India and they said I could do courses if I wanted to in their University and they would issue me an I-20, my question for you is -  Can I return to US with the same old F1 Visa which was valid from July 2008 to July 2013? Or do I need to apply for a fresh new Visa?

Another question is, my passport expires next year, what can I do for applying for a passport from US incase I get to enter..


Please guide me with this Sir.






If the new course starts sometime in June, you should be fine. But confirm with your school DSO before you start. Otherwise, you will have to get a F1 stamped if it is a Fall admission as your visa will expire by then.

Renewing passports can be done from here in USA, by applying to Indian consulates close to your place here.