Graduated high shool, applying F1 for UG in community college. Help?

I graduated from high school in June 2015. As I hadn’t taken the TOEFL and SATs earlier, I took them after high school. Also, a few family issues occurred. Due to this, I didn’t attend any college for Fall 2015.

I applied to 5 normal-ranked (Times Higher Education #150-200) universities and got accepted. But, I’ve decided that I wanna attend community college in California so that I can save up and improve my grades and then transfer to UC Berkeley, as I’m a CS student. The only step left is my visa interview. I’m worried that I might get rejected, and since I do not have time to make second attempt, I might miss my chance to go to community college.

I need to be in the U.S by November 26, 2015. Yes, I know its late, but I do have an emergency appointment approved. All that’s left is trying to be confident and not get rejected.

I’ve probably not explained myself clearly, but if you can understand, and give any suggestions to get approved a visa for community college, it would be a great help! Anything at all.