Got selected in H1B lottery when shall i get approval/RFE status

Hi ,

I got selected in H1B lottery on may7th 2016.

I havent got any notification on approval/RFE from USCIS till oct 17th2016.

What can i assume from this. why this delay.

what should i do.

How long can i wait.

This is just processing delay. There are have been lot of questions on this blog regarding delay in H1B processing by USCIS. You can either wait for the response from USCIS, file for premium processing if you have an immediate need for approval to come through.

How long to wait ? You can never tell how long this may take them. These are some of the things that you never can tell. If you file premium processing, it is within 15 days you will have the decision.

Vermont Service Center seems to be flooded with petitions as USCIS has mentioned that the had to transfer work from Vermont to California Service Center due to this.

Hi ,

Same with my case… got selected in may, but no notification on approval/RFE… Even my sponser is not sharing the application number… Please any one suggest what to do …