got selected. confused about taking decision for marriage.

hello sir/ma’am,

i am 23 year old now. i have engaged and she is 22 now. i am doing (2nd semester) from gujarat and she is doing Msc.(biotech) in 2nd semester now. yesterday i got news from my employee that i have selected in lottry process. now i am confused to take decision that “should i do marriage before to go?”. "should i leave my what is my fiancee’s future?, what is next step?

kindly guided me. thanks in advance.

Discuss with your your fiance, your family, her family. No one can give your correct advice here on this topic. This is your and hers life.

I will be really nasty here and tell you the truth upfront. That’s why we are on the internet aren’t we!

Your English is quite bad. Given you language skills, I don’t see you clearing any interviews in US other than joining a convenience stores.

There are two things you can do:

  1. Marry now. H1b should not decide your personal life. Stay in India for the time being and within next 6 years improve your language drastically and then move to US.

  2. Go to US and find out for yourself what I have told you for free.

No Cheers,