Got RFE. Sent the RFE Response. No change in status since a week.

I received my OPT Approval letter and then received an RFE the next week asking for photos and signature again. I have sent back the response to USCIS and it reached them on 06/11/2013. However, since then there is no change in status on USCIS website. My friend’s reached them after mine and his went into RFE Response Review. I called up USCIS and the officer told me that the change wont be refelcted on my screen and that they have recieved my response. However, I am worried since I have an offer with me and I am not sure how long the employer will wait for me. Can any one with a similar experience give me any insight.

You can request them to expedite the processing, as discussed in a thread here:

Did that also. Nothing is helping it seems.

Some body please help me. I called up USCIS again yesterday and now they tell me that they have send me a letter in response to the expedite request that " The card has been destroyed since the photo doesnot match the USCIS specifications and that I will have to resend the photos again according to the specifications". I have already sent the photos and following all specifications. I dont know what to do. It seems as if nobody has ever had such a case. I am worried I am lose my job.

After submitting the new photos, again send them a request to expedite. May be attach the offer letter and another letter from employer requesting quick response.


After I sent the photos again, it reached them on 27th June. I called USCIS today i.e. 1st July and the officer tried searching for my information and told me that there are no updates about my photos reaching them. So she sent an internal email to the CSC to check about my photos and produce the card faster.
I am extremely worried now since if the officer gets the email and doesnot find my photos with him can he deny my application or again send an rfe?

Maybe your package hasn’t been processed yet. I suggest calling them again after a few days to follow-up.

When is the last day to respond to the RFE?

The last date is around 30 days from the day they send the RFE. And I have sent it both times within the time frame. I am worried now that are they getting it properly. I am sending it through USPS Priority Mail with Certified Receipt and Return receipt.

The address they gave me is USCIS, California Service Center, 24000 Avila Road, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677. The USPS tracking shows its delivered to Laguna Niguel 92607. On asking the postoffice they said its delivered properly since some body signed for it.

Can you open a Service Request w/ USCIS about this? May be call them again to see if they have any response to the email they sent internally. Maybe talk to an attorney to see more options.

No I cannot open a service request since it has not been 30 days since I opened one. Scared to call them again, what if it confuses the case more. My DSO tells me its me who has made this case complicated.

I am thinking of speaking to an attorney.