Got my B1/B2 Stamped on passport but CEAC still shows administrative processing

Hello guys,

I’m taking a vacation trip the story is a bit long: i applied for the visa for the first time last month i got it approved and received my passport with visa stamped, sadly that passport went to the washing machine (damaging it and the stamped visa) and i got a new one and applied again to the visa (the process was shorter, no interview needed) and got the visa again stamped on my new passport but when i checked on CEAC it still says “administrative processing” when i already got my passport. Is this normal? My first B1/B2 changed to status issued but this one is stuck, a glitch in their systems maybe?

Thanks for the help!

Hi Nesk,

I have a similar situation. I applied for my nephew who is 3 years old thru Interview waiver program. We got the email today that passport is ready for pickup but he CEAC says administrative processing. Is there something to worry? We will collect the passport on 7/27/2015 but I am scared if it got denied.

Please share if your case still shows administrative processing.

In both cases, because the case was processed under modified circumstances, Department of State has to record it. This is why the message ‘admin processing’ is showing.