Got i20 but no f1 stamping, coming to USA on h4 status.. can I join for masters on same i20?

Hi guys,

I got married and am on h4 status, came to USA last month. When I was in India after marriage I applied for masters and got admit from three universities but I haven’t gone for f1 stamping because I already got h4 stamping. So now can I join with the same admission and convert into f1 or will universities cancel my admission for joining on h4?

Please reply.

Thank you

You can study on H-4 and since you are here already, an I-20 which is an F-1 linked SEVIS foreign document used as evidence of admission, is now redundant. You are not allowed to accept on-campus employment or work elsewhere on an H-4. Schools can’t lawfully exclude you as an H-4 is allowed to attend without restrictions.

Thank you Shankar for the quick response.

I have one more doubt, when they cancel my I20 what will they enter in the sevis record? Will this be present in my record all over? Will this cancellation of i20s be a problem for me at poE anytime?