Got h1B ,no joining date yet,what r the options as I m still n India?

I just got my H1B stamped with sponsor(desi company) paying fixed monthly salary and as per my offer letter,my joining date was first week of Oct,2013 depending on my Visa and I planned accordingly,i resigned from my previous employer,came to India and got my visa stamped but now my h1B sponsor is saying that they are looking for a project for me,which is a shocked to me as it is clearly mentioned in the offer letter that i will work in the internal project of the company.Now I am unemployed and waiting for them and they stopped replying my mails aswell.What should I do? and also they asked me to pay my H1B visa fee and confirmed me that they will pay me back after I will get the visa.

Paying H1B fee is illegal, they must sponsor, U can sue them if asked.

Coming to Ur job and project, I think they dont have any project/job. U can meanwhile find another employer who can file Cap-Exempt

U said u came india, Did u work in US for any other employer? If U have any valid visa like B1/L1, U can travel on that and go for transfer of H1B