got h1b approval but not stamped due to lack of project


I work in company A. I got h1b approval in june 2014, but my company has not sent for h1b stamping due to lack of projects and client letter to be specific. What are the options I have now apart from wait and watch?

a. Can I approach company B who is interesed in h1 filing? In that case how can I leverage the existing approval?

b. What are the documents required from the current employer for that? I only have case number with me.

c. Do I need approval from the current employer for this kind of transfer?

d. Will be considered a fresh filing under cap exempted?

c. If company B starts filing under my previous cap exemped, will this automatically cancel current employer approval?

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I am also in the same boat. What is the consultancy that you have applied. I am also trying for H1B transfer and the New Company has asked for No Objection letter from first company and a EMAIL that the H1B is not revoked.


a. yes you can approach any number of company. multiple companies can file h1b but you can work only on one.

b. case number is good but copy of approval notice would be best, you should ask your employer, as per the law they cannot say no. you must have the copy of approval notice.

c. no, you dont need to discuss with your current employer.

d. once you have h1 filing, you are exempted. if any company files h1 again you are only transferring.

e. it will not cancel your current approval but if new approval comes approved , you can only work for one company and only on one h1

thanks all for the information. It was indeed helpful.