got approved for H1B, but lost job before the 1 Oct start date. Will my COS from F1 to H1B still take place?

Hi, I got approved for H1B (2017), but lost job on 12 Sep 2017 before the 1 Oct 2017 start date. Will my automatic change of status from F1 to H1B still happen on 1Oct thanks to the new 60 day grace period rule if the company withdraws my petition? Will I lose my H1B status come 1 Oct, if the company withdraws my H1B petition before the 1 Oct start date? Is there anything that I or the company can legally do for me (like not withdraw, ask USCIS to hold on till after the 1Oct date to revoke) that will allow me to keep it? Should I find another employer (get him to file new cap-exempt H1B petition) before 1 Oct to retain H1B? What will happen to my current F1-OPT if the automatic COS is interrupted? Will that go for a tail-spin too? Please elaborate, use a few extra words to bring clarity to the subject. Thank you.

@natrap Did you figure out anything? Any updates?