got approval,how much time take to receive petition approved documents

My petition got approved on 4th oct in PP.could you please any one tell me in how many days will i receive petition approved documents.My client have urgent requirement,so i suppose to trvael in 1st week of november.could you please some one tell how much will it take to receive petition approved documents.

It will take around 1week to 2 weeks …

Does it varies from RP to PP.

i dnt will vary…

Have you received the hard copy yet?

No.Not yet.
I have one more doubt.Now my status shows decision.Will it change it to post decision activity when my approved documents are sent to me?

Actually I am in the same situation and waiting for the hard copy … I had got an RFE, and the RFE letter had not reached my employer somehow :frowning: … they got a fax of the RFE from USCIS after requesting for the same. So I am very worried too …

I am yet to receive the physical copy for my H1B. It was approved on 10th Oct 2013. Is this normal ?

Yes it may take upto 15-20 days from date of approval… to get to ur attorney or employer, you might be receiving soon … All the D Best

It kind of concerns me that a courier process takes so much of time. Everything must be process-oriented. Right!!

Hey, Have you received the hard copy ?

Yes I got it … it takes 7 -10 days from time of approval.

Its kind of strange as I find different replies regarding the time-lines. I am yet to receive the hard copy. mine was approved on 10th Oct 2013.

I know the frustration associated with this … I dont want to scare you … but my RFE letter was lost, never came by post to my employers office … So you should ask your employer to call USCIS and try to get some tracking number or some sort of clue …

I am also in the same boat.Petition got approved on 10th Oct,but till now no hard copy has been received.:frowning:

guyz …any help here it is march 2014 but not received ?