Got an RFE.Please give your suggestion to proceed further

Hello Everyone,

Below is my RFE .

  1. Employer employee relation ship

  2. Asked to prove How my current work is related to my education (Any how i am CS graduate)

  3. Employer Quaterly reports or wages.

Can any one of help how to proceed further on this case.

These are very straightforward evidence questions, 99% you will be approved if questions are answered properly as numbered by you above

  1. Needs your hire or appointment letter copy

  2. Prove what the company does is related to what your expertise is, a 2 page letter would be great with question copied / pasted on top

  3. Employer CPA will provide you this data if you explain what it is for

Good Luck!

Sandeep Shankar, Ph.D.

Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director

Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223


Thanks for response Shankar. The problem is My SOW contains end date as sep 2013 and it also states that 18 months a contractor can work maximum in that particular client. But my LCA is applied for only this project for 3 years. Can you help how can i defend this?

For #1, your employer needs to show how they will control their tasks and duties at the client site. This is usually demonstrated by showing daily/weekly meetings or if someone from employer side is always on-site.

It is better to get a new extended SOW as this one will end prior to H-1 start date. You can then submit the new SLA. If USCIS sees that comment about 18 month threshold, they will approve it for 18 months. They usually rely on SOW term when they are not sure that the company will have the finances to pay you after the project is over. So they want to extend petition for limited term and then ask you to file for extension so that they can again evaluate the situation.