Got an RFE for my h1b, but I am in US now on H4;

I work at IBM India.

My H1 was picked in April 2018.
I left for US on H4 visa on June 1 2018 (Currently on long leave)
Got RFE query on Dec 31

My attorney is asking me to submit my recent payslips, client letter, communication emails between client and me for the past few months.

I may be able to get client letter if I get to join back the same project. But I can’t really produce emails or payslips.

How can I proceed in such situation?

Please help.
Thanks in advance!!

"I took sabbatical leave and visited US on h4 while my h1 is picked and I got RFE on my application now. "
This is not clear.
Give your case history step by step.

I have updated my question and description. Could you please take a look…

Still not clear:

  1. I was working at IBM India.

  2. I have applied for a NEW H1(in quota) and My H1 was picked in April 2018 lottary.

  3. While my above H1 is pending, I left for US on H4 visa (Is this H4 visa was freshly applied OR you got it in the past? If so, when?) on June 1 2018 (Currently on long leave)

  4. Got RFE query on Dec 31 for my pending H1 petition.

Is the above correct?

If thats correct and you never had an approved H1 visa before, why your attorney is asking for pay stubs and letters? Are those from your IBM-India work related? As you have NEVER worked for any US employer, you dont have such pay stubs or letters from a US employer to submit.

If my above assumption is correct, you dont need to submit any paystubs etc while you are on H4 status in USA.

Still you may need to ask your question clearly OR I have limited knowledge/ability to understand your question.