Got admitted into Stratford University.Will there be any problem if i transfer after 1st Semester during H1B?

I got admitted into Stratford University and didn’t know it has H1B issues.Will there be any problem if i transfer after 1st Semester? Can i transfer in the 1st Sem?is it possible?

Good morning, Saketh.

I represent Stratford University and would like to help. First, congratulations. We look forward to working with you in earning your degree. Second, concerning your H1B, have you reached out to our International Student Office (ISO)? Email with your questions and a member of our ISO team will contact you straight away. You can also visit Stratford University – Stratford University for additional assistance and information.

Thank you, and welcome to Stratford.

Hi Yes there is a problem in applying for h1b through stratford.

stratford is for - profit university. To apply for h1b in masters quota your degree should be from non-profit university. So you are not eligible for that. However you can apply in regular quota