Got admission in MS and employer to transfer H1b


I got admission in MS and also employer to file my H1 B transfer based on approved I140.

I am currently in india.Due to huge H1b transfer rejections now a days I m not much hopeful.

Need to understand,if my college ll start my I20 process in oct and employer also going to submit my application to Uscis.In case if F1 get approved and get stamped n after tat H1b transfer get approved.Will this create any issue in H1 stamping from india.

Need advice…



Both are independent and does not have any connection, hence no impact. You can only be in one status when you enter US. You can make the choice when you go for stamping and enter US with your chosen option.

For your H1B Visa stamping you must have a real time valid project with a client. If your employer istrying to file the transfer using any inhouse project then it will be surely denied.

This wont affect your already issued F1 visa stamping.