Got a USCIS H1B rejection petition letter with notice date of Jun 16 2013 when applied in 2015

Dear All,

I applied for H1B visa and unfortnately my application didnt get picked in lottery. My employer sent me a rejection letter with the Notice date of “Jun 16 2013”. I applied for H1B this year. When asked about the year which was wrong, he said that some of the applicants got the rejection letter with the year 2013. Can I believe him? Can USCIS team be so blind in sending ouut letters? Or is my consultant giving wrong information?

Please Help guys!!

Does the rejection notice have your name? There is an article on main blog w/ sample rejection letters. You can compare it w/ them to guess the authenticity.

Yes, it has my name saurabh but the issue is not that. I have checked the sample rejection letter in this site and it looks exactly as mine. but the date is of 2013. My name can be entered in someone else rejection letter, edited in pdf and sent to me as my rejection letter. I hope you understand. when asked, the consultant told me that they have received some rejection petitions with 2013 date but i don’t believe him.