Got 6 rejections for fall 2013...Should I apply to USA again??

Here’s my profile

Bachelor’s in psychology from DU,India

GPA acc to WES - 3.66

GRE - 311/340

TOEFL 113/120

I applied for masters in organizational psychology for fall 2013 to six universities. Got 6 rejections!

So i reviewed my options and decided to apply for masters in HR for spring 2014 since organizational psychology isnt really offered in spring. But now i’m having second thoughts. Should I apply again? What if i get rejected again? What if its a waste of time and money?

Please help!

P.S - This time I plan to apply for spring 2014 to the following schools:

  1. Rutgers University, New Jersey

  2. Stoony Brooke, New York

  3. Pace University, New York City

Are these schools suitable as per my profile above?

Please give your views on these schools and also, if they are suitable for me.

Thank You

Too Sad to hear that. What is the reason for rejection. You have really good scores. Was there any fake stuffs on your documents.

Sorry to hear. In general, applying to schools is a tricky thing. You need to weigh in various thing before you pick a school. You need to strong SOP and other things to weigh in. One of the things you can do is to check with these schools the reason for rejection and take a step back to think about what went wrong. Do some research and then apply, you should be able to get in.

No, there is nothing fake in my documents.

I believe I have a good SOP. Not an excellent one but certainly not an SOP that would get me rejected. Also, i was high in the waiting list for two schools.
And I did contact the schools for the reasons and got different reasons from all -

  1. No work experience, so it gave an advantage to other students.
  2. As an international student I would not be able to get an internship.
  3. 15 years of education when I applied. I was pursuing a diploma to complete the 16 years, but some schools only accept a masters.

These were the major reasons stated by different schools.

I believe, 15 years of education can be a trick. Some major schools do not accept that for MS, it is sometimes fine for MBA. Check this article :