Got 22g1 after interview

Case-H-1B, I went to Drop box om 10-Apr-2023-they have given white slip and mentioned to attend interview on 19-May-2023 and again I got 221g with white slip and checked first box and it says
“YOUR APPLICATION REQUIRED ADDITIONAL PROCESSING. THE APPLICATION WILL BE RECONSIDERED WHEN ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS IS COMPLETE”. Can anyone please let me know how long it will take and anyone has this type of experience, please share to me.

White 221g meaning consulate is in process of verification of information re: your petition from USCIS and it may take from 2 to 8 weeks.

Thanks for the reply and I am worrying that is there any chances of rejection, please let me know.

Nobody can predict if consulate will grant or deny, just be positive.

Thanks for the reply and I have one question that can I sent email to [], by asking them what is the status of my case by sending “CONFORMATION NUMBER”, please let me know