Got 221g blue form without any instuctions for H1b renewal.


I applied for my h1b renewal through dropbox in chennai. After three days I collected my passport without visa stamping and with a blue 221g form with a case number on it. Other than that nothing is marked on it, no instructions on what should I do next.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


Checkout this,


Same thiing happened to me today. Did you find out what this means? Could you let me know pls?My passport is with me but got a 221(g) during interview. I submitted the docs through email.

Today I got another 221(g) form with just case number on it. Nothing was checked. Please let me know what happened to your status.

Thank you

Send an email to "" with your case number and Passport nunber, explain your situation and ask for further instructions. You should get a reply in 2 to 3 days. That is what I did, I had to go to interview.

Good luck!

Thank you much. I did contact them and send the scanned copy. Will wait for them to respond back. One more question, after u went for interview, was the decision taken then and there or did they take more time ?

Decision of issuing visa was made at the interview.

Thank you. I will wait for them to respond and see what the slip is all about

hi pkr134,

I am in a similar situation and appeared for the interview. The officer said visa is approved . How long did it take to get the passport.


How did this work out for you? I had the exact same situation today and wanted to followup with you on what you did. Would greatly appreciate your inputs.

Kaushik Kuberanathan