Got 221(g) Blue slip and petition expires in 2 monts


I visited for H1b stamping at Chennai on 22/07/2013 and got 221(g) blue slip with Admin processing remark, consular also returned my passport and took original of 797(petition), copy of 221 form. My petition is expiring in next 2-3 months, as per 221(g) processing minimum time is 2 month or more. My petition is approved for 1 year in 2012 quota. I visited US on L1b, B1(1 week) VISA’s earlier. Please kindly advise me, should i ask my employer to apply for Petition extention? What is 221(g) processing took more than 2 months and petition expired?

Even i can not track my 221(g) case number with Chennai consular website, how did consolar contact me if VISA approved?



You should ask Employer to apply for an Extesnion immediately.