Good colleges for Engineering Management in Computer Software?


I have read most of your posts related to MS and MBA in US. They all have been very helpful for me in understanding the system and MS/ MBA scope in US. Well, other than MS/ MBA, I see one more course going popular from Universities' side. It is the [b]Masters in Engineering Management[/b].

I see these masters programs for computer students related to "Engineering Management" (MEM/ M Eng./ MS&E/ SDM), some of them are mentioned on the site [b][]( [/b]What is the acceptance rate for these schools for this program?

=> I want to continue to work and grow in computer software/ internet software domain but more on the side of Manangement. Can you please share how better are the chances of securing a decent on campus job offer for some one pursuing the Masters in Engineering Management (compared to MS/ MBA)?

=> How well are the placements scope for this program, when apply for some job out side of college?

=> Also, I wanted to know what are all the good colleges for similar programs (other than those on, which have good number of on campus placements?

From me placement in US do matter considering the loan that I have to take.

=> One last question, how different is this program compare to "MS in Engineering Management" course offered by some Universities in US?

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Unfortunately, I have less exposure to the program and cannot add much to your questions.

Good place to start would be to explore the schools’ Engineering Program’s website and get fair idea…