Going to u.s on H4 or applying for F1 from india. which option is better?

Hi All,

My wife is selected in H1B lottery and will be attending stamping interview on october last week. I also planned to attend for h4 interview. I have plans to study for m.s. Her company has already raised applications for both of us, as we thought that converting from h4 to f1 would be seamless. But after going through lot of blogs i found that h4 to f1 conversion might can be problematic. Is it fine if i skip now for h4 interview and apply to f1 in july 2017?

will skipping h4 interview will have any impact on me or my wife? Please advice.

Thanks in Advance.

I don’t see why it should be problematic. I know few folks who have done that while inside US. What concerns did you see/read?

I am working in a mnc in india and i dont have plans to travel to u.s till july. If i have h4 visa and go for f1 conversion in july after getting admission in college, i read somewhere that they can reject the visa as you can also study on h4.

That’s not my experience. Studying on F-1 gives lot of other capabilities which studying on H-4 doesn’t (like OPT, internship).

So USCIS will not deny COS just b/c H-4 also allows you to study.

I agree with Saurabh, it is not true. I know many who have converted from H4 to F1. When you do the F1 COS, you will need to show proof of funds as the F1 student is full time ( NOT dependent like H4) and need to have funds to complete education, thats the typical ask.