Going back to India after applying Green card


I have 5 years available in my H1B.

Suppose my employer files my Green card. Can I go to india for a year till the time I got I-140 and come back on remaining H1 years after a year?

Is there any restrictions on india travel when you apply for Green card?



It is ok to be not present inside US while green card is being processed.

I am not sure what purpose this will solve though. You have 5 years of H-1 left and can easily make use of it while GC is being processed. Or did you mean that 5 years of H-1 has been utilized?

For some family constraint I might need to go back to India.
In that period I should be employed with the employer or Can I work for other employer in India?

Thanks for your answer

Yes, you can. It is up to your US employer whether to continue the GC process while you are not working for them.