go for h1 stamping with wife,kid or alone first and then get h4.

Should i go for h1 stamping with wife,kid or alone first and then get their h4 later after a week

As i will be reimbused for my h1 stamping fee not family. In case mine h1 get rejected at least i can save fee of my wife and kid. It around Rs 12000/per person now…

I past i have L1 and L2 visas changing to H1 n H4


  1. I get mine h1 stamping first and the next week i apply for h4 for wife and kid while still India. (Hope i do not have to be in US after h1 stamping to initiate h4 stamping)

  2. go togather all 3 of us…does it increases chances of stamping…

It doesnt effect …its good if you are going from your current company …if you have applied individually thru a employer in US… its better if you go alone… …i think that would be better… but take suggestions of Experts in this forum

Thanks Vishal…
Its not my current desi company…I have applied individually thru a US employer. Infact my visa fee will be reimbursed obiviously if i get my stamped and travel there…else i will lose around 38k for 3 person.
But will it be ok to apply h4 the next day I get my H1 successfully stamped

Any other inputs guys !!!

Even am in same situation… but my Employer asked me to go for stamping fisrt … Come to US and after having two or three pay stubs i can plan for them … that would be better … that was my employer thought even i wanted to do same … go and settle first in JOb… Find home and oherstuff… As we are not going thru Company H1B i mean we are going on own so that is better