Go abroad while H4 visa in extension

My visa details:

  1. I’m on H4 visa which is valid till 1st June,2015.

  2. I’ve applied for H4 extension in the month of feb,2015 and received receipt regarding my extension.

  3. My husband has approved I-140 and this time I may get extension for 3 years.

Can anyone please clarify the following questions:

  1. Can I travel abroad while my H4 visa extension is in progress but not yet confirmed? (I’m planning to go in May)

  2. If I go in May, I will return to U.S by end of June. Can I apply for H4 EAD here and then go abroad and return back without any issues with my visa and EAD while both are pending?

Any help is highly appreciated.


It depends on the H-4 date on your passport. You must plan to travel sooner so that your arrival in the US is not after the expiration date on your visa. Otherwise your processing requests (H-4 extension, EAD etc) are not affected by travel.

Best wishesDr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu, sshankarATchu.edu