GMAT 480 Moving from AR to MO state on H4. How can i afford MBA?

Hey, I was in Arkansas state for the Past year and now my husband’s Project has moved to Missouri. My Admission in ASU was almost comPlete but i got RFE for my f1 and had to withdraw since we’re moving. Now we can’t afford the internantional fees and not eligible for UMSL instate residentshiP rules. Please suggest if there is anything at all i can do.

Well, unfortunately, there are limited options. As you have recently moved, you may not be eligible for H4 instate tution. Your options open up when you move to F1 visa status. You can try to find a school that offers you funding like TA, RA or GA. Again, getting any of these is difficult, but the advantage you have over many others is that you are in America and can visit the school, talk to professors and showcase your capabilities and get some sort of funding. Visist few schools, talk to their admission counsellors, they should help you find something.