Given Name too long for filling DS 160 how to proceed

While filling DS 160 form Given name has 37 characters and it is allowing only 34, can I just fill the form truncating last 3 characters and inform in the consulate during interview and to change my name in VISA. Does that work.

It is a common problem. Nothing to worry. Enter as many characters as you can and leave the last characters that do not fit. You can explain the officer at consulate, if asked. The reason for this is that Machine Readable Zone has limit of 34 Characters and the Visa officer will use Visual Inspection Zone of the passport to validate that. Nothing to worry.

Though not directly related to the above system, you can check the SEVIS FAQs that talk about Long Surnames , which is a federal agency and has the same issue.

Hello Lalitha,

Did you manage to get the US visa ? If yes, how is your name appearing in your US visa?

I am experiencing the same issue. My surname is 36 characters long.

Muhammed Roshan

Hello @Lalitha7 @Kumar

I have a similar issue. The Given Name is 34 char and DS 160 can only accommodate 33.On top of that there is no surname in the passport.

Was there any issue with Visa in your case? Should I get the passport re-issued with surname added? Please let me know.