Given 221G - Passport retained and no additional documents required.


Questions asked,

  1. Company name?
    A. Skillstorm commercial services, LLC.
  2. What do they do?
    A. Explained
  3. Where do you work?
    A. Mentioned
  4. Salary?
    A. Mentioned.
  5. Highest degree?
    A. Mentioned.
  6. Graduation date?
    A. Dec 2016
  7. Opt start date?
    A. Jan 2017.
  8. Did you complete your opt?
    A. I told yes.
  9. Were you out of status any time?
    A. No
  10. Do you know your rights?
    A. I told yes I know my rights.

I was given a blue slip with the administrative processing ticked. None of the documents were looked at, and no information was provided. The VO said that it will take upto a week and the consulate will inform about any updates. I have travel dates confirmed on the 22nd Feb, I do know I would have to reschedule, but I am not sure how far away should I reschedule to ensure that I complete all the formalities and receive my passport with the visa stamped.

This is for a new H1 visa F1 to H1 conversion.

I am not sure what needs to be done from my end.

Any similar experiences at chennai consulate? Please share.


My status got changed to issued. I am waiting for my passport. Status changed on Feb 6th 2019.