Gettting Stamping from L1-H1 without leavng US

I moved to US on L1 visa and got converted to H1 recently. However, I want to get my stamping done for H1 on my passport but I cannot go back to India at this time because of project requirement.
Please guide if there is an option other than going back to India for getting it stamped and also, if I understand correctly, I cannot move outside US to get it stamped from nearby US countries.If there is any option for me, please guide.

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why do you want to get it stamped if you are going to stay in the US? You can work without having it stamped

You can get it stamped from any consulate. But each consulate has its own requirements.

For eg, Mexico does not do the 1st H1B stamping.

or Canada does not do stamping for people without US/Canadian degrees. So check their requirements.