Getting my H1 Extension Stamped in Chennai Embassy


  My original H1b Visa Period (Which I stamped in Chennai,India) Expired Last Year (2011) and My Employer Filed a Extension which I got for 1 year. That Visa Extension is going to get end by next month 16 Sept 2012. My Employer has already filed another Extension for me 1 month before (July 2012) and they said it may take 3 to 4 months to get the extension approved. All of the sudden I got a emergency situation where I need to travel to India asap and I'm in India now which happend on 2rd Aug 2012 just 2 days before.

    Now my real problem is I need to visit Chennai Embassy to get my visa stamped again but my current Extension is going to expire next month (Sept 16) and my filed Extension not yet approved, how bad is current my situtation now? If I schedule a interview and visit US Embassy by next week is there a possibilty to get my visa stamped by showing both my current Extension which has 1 month of validity and the receipt of my filed extension? or should I wait for my filed extension to get approved before I visit US Embassy? Please clarify my douts and provide me suggestions.

PS: I checked with my employer and he threatens me that Im in deep trouble and I should not left US.

Thanks in advance


You have to wait for the approval before going to teh embassy. As chances of getting visa stamped with you expiring extension is very very less.