Hi Saurabh,

I am in US from last 1.5 Year , and when I came over here I meet with a US citizen girl and she want to marry with me, we are geeting marry in next week and I realize that on my Indian Visa (L1) my company has maintion my maritial status as “Married” since all these details was filled by my company HR.

I have following quiries -

  1. Do I have chanage my maritial status to single on my visa before I get married in USA ?

  2. What will happen if I don’t chanage the maritial status on my Visa and get married here in USA then it will be a problem for me…?

  3. Once I will get married to this citizen girl, I will be applying for “Green Card” , is there any problem with my green card prcessing due to this mistake

  4. If I need to coorrect this maritial status on my visa, then to whom I have to contact.

Kindly guide me so that I can think and work accordingly

Can anyone help me Please on this article…