getting I-94 greater than visa expiry

My L1 visa is expiring in March 2013. I am planning a India trip.Is there any chance of getting I-94 greater than visa expiry(currently my I94 is same as visa expiry).If yes, are there any favorite POE airports to select.

Even if you get your I-94 later than your visa expiry date, you are not authorized to work in US legally. I-94 only allows you to stay in case if your visa is requested for extention. If visa expires you are no longer allowed to work in US.

Ram K ~ that is not true. Your visa only provides entry into the country it does not decide the length of your stay. The I94 controls the duration of stay in US. As long as the I-94 is valid and you are maintaining the status that is noted on the I-94, you can legally stay and work in the US for the company that petitioned for you.