Getting F1 from india while studying in usa on H4


I am currently studying in USA on H4 visa and have completed 3 quaters. Planning to go to India to get F1 as it takes 5-6 months to get H4 to F1 in usa.

My college has issued me an I-20 with course start date to date I am going to apply F1 that is coming quater. Please suggest whether it should be back dated to the date i joined college or it is to be like that.

Any information is appreciated .

Well, I think I-20s are issued as required for F1 visa stamping by DSOs for International Students. I do not think they would ever issue it as back dated for you, because you were on H4 visa at that point of time and cannot be given an I-20 for your H4 status. Your DSO knows the best, they are aware of all the immigration requirements from ICE, speak to them again, if you have any questions, they will clarify you. You should listen to their advice as they know the rules better than anyone, including guys like me :slight_smile:

Thanks Kumar.

You are right, I too have considered same and have scheduled my F1 visa appointment based on that. I hope everything goes well.


Thanks a lot !!

It should be fine. Good Luck ! Cheers !

Helo Kumar,

I am planning to join college on H4 and idea is to complete couple of semesters here and then go back to india for F1 visa stamping. So, could you help me understand what all things do I need to consider before moving forward in this process ? Should I talk to my college / univeristy DSO about this plan and take their suggestions (considering the fact that I want to be eligible for OPT in future) ?