Getting delayed in H1b approval

H1b visa was applied for me by my employer for the year 2015, my employer did not share the petition no with me, I was informed that my petition was selected in lottery but after that I did not get any updates from my employer till date 10/10/15, when I checked with them I was told to wait till October end, now I am getting confused that is this really possible that my petition is getting approved in by consulate after October because most of my colleagues got approval and they went for stamping, so any one could advise me on this

Generally it depends… sometimes it takes Dec or Jan/feb… too to get the petition approved.

Have seen some of the cases similar to you. If your employer hasn’t shared the petition number, careful on this if he demands for any money…Dont pay anything before it get stamped. Because these days many desi consultancies were playing/cheating the people. Be careful.

You can wait for some more and get the result. At least ask them for the case number details and check the status online.