Getting back the passport from 221G

Hi Saurab,

I need to get the passport back from the US embassy which is currently under 221G. Can you please direct on how to do this and also the time taken for the passport to be handed over.


Here is one such experience shared by another member:


Thanks Saurabh. But this doesn’t mention timeline of when the passport will be provided back.
Also If I get the passport back (Reason : Visa to be processed for another country) and If I couldn’t give it back for the US visa stamping (after 221g admin process is complete) will there be an issue?

You will have to check w/ consulate about the timeline.

Once 221g is completed and they ask for the passport, you can delay it. They will not proceed until the passport is submitted. I think it becomes void if it has been pending for a year, but not sure. Your attorney might know.

Thanks Saurabh… Got back my passport within a week…

Great. So what kind of information did you include in the withdrawal letter? Also, they are continuing the 221g process in the b/g and have not abandoned it, correct?

I used the same format that you have provided as reference.
Kept it plain and straight - "Need just the passport back to apply Visa for another Country but need to have the 221G processing to continue. "

Yes, they are continuing the 221G process.

Thanks Saurabh. Your guidance is much appreciated !!!


Which consulate you have applied your Visa ?
My case is still pending for last 7 months and I want to withdraw my passport for same reason as yours .

Mine was chennai… what abt u?
Btwn follow the comment by saurabh. Things will go smooth.

I went to the Chennai drop box location with the request for passport withdrawal. They said I need to have a mail from us travel docs to submit the letter to the drop box location. Only then will they accept the letter. I went for f1 visa interview. I forgot to pay the sevis fee and my case is under administrative processing. It’s been 2 weeks since the submission of the documents and my case still remains the same. I have an active H4 visa and I wish to withdraw my passport to travel back to USA. Any guidance regarding the procedure to withdraw the passport. I have already sent a mail to us travel docs, but I haven’t got any reply yet.