Getting an F-1 visa again for a suspended student in the US


I was recently suspended from a us university for plagiariasm and they cancelled my visa. I applied to 4 different universities out of which I got into two, waiting to hear from one more and didnt get into one. That being said, I have to apply for my F-1 visa again. I told the university that I made a mistake and they decided to give me a second chance. So what are my chances for getting a VISA. i am in midst of my degree, I dont want to leave it half way.

Any suggestions or comment is appreciated.



Please go thru the follwoing link:



When transferring from one school to another school within the United States, you must carefully follow certain procedures to maintain lawful F-1 or J-1 status. Please note that in this context the term "transfer" means changing schools, either in the middle of a degree program or between degrees, regardless of academic level. For high school, undergraduate, and graduate students alike, if you are currently attending school in the U.S. and plan to attend a new school, you will likely need to request the transfer of your SEVIS record.

Eligibility for a SEVIS Record Transfer

F-1 Students

	The start date at your new school must be within 5 months of your "transfer out" date in [SEVIS]( or your program completion, whichever is earlier. For students authorized for post-completion OPT, the new program start date must be within 5 months of your SEVIS "transfer out" date or the end of the OPT authorization, whichever is earlier. If the period of time between programs is longer than 5 months, your SEVIS record does not need to be transferred. Your new school will issue a new initial I-20 and new SEVIS number.

	You must currently be maintaining F-1 status.

	If you have already graduated, you must be within your 60-day grace period.

[b]Can I use my current visa even though I am changing schools?[/b]

As long as you have followed the proper transfer procedures, you will be able to use your current, unexpired visa to re-enter the U.S. even though it has your previous school name printed on it.

I am not sure, what you mean by cancel visa ? Did they physically take your passport and stick visa cancelled stamp on it ? Or did they mention that they deleted SEVIS records ?

Hi, I am stuck in the same situation. Can you please tell me what happened next. I am very worried about getting a new visa as my degree is halfway.